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Experience luxury and all the comforts of modern living in the midst of nature in Valsad.

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Our Limited Edition Villas

At the core of Mangalyam Meadows lies the promise of exploring luxury and nature at its best. Introducing limited edition villas that are designed to enlighten the spirit and nurture the mind and body.

It's a palace, your Highness!

5 Bedroom | 3 Levels | 4245 Sq. Ft.

Live That Royal Life

4 Bedroom | 2 Levels | 3150 Sq. Ft.

Your Regal Retreat

4 Bedroom | 2 Levels | 2265 Sq. Ft.


Inspired by architecture from around the world, the clubhouse has been built with thoughtful detail to design to give our valued luxury residents a world-class experience.

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A quaint and charming town tucked away in South Gujarat, Valsad offers a wholesome staying experience, letting you savour life in a serene and green environment. Our tours are thoughtfully tailor-made to give you a glimpse of life at Valsad.

Farm to Table

Valsad has a rich culture that pays homage to food that is organically grown, picked and presented on your plate. The Mangalyam Meadows farm to table experience is about relishing locally sourced seasonal ingredients, keeping sustainability in mind so that you can have the best culinary experience.

Into the Woods

Experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat, going on unexplored trails and un-ruined horizons can make you feel at one with nature. Mangalyam Meadows has designed this adventure with the Into The Woods tour that includes visits to fun wildlife spots. This thrilling tour will let you fully absorb the beauty of wildlife and captivate your heart, making it a rich memory.

Zoroastrian Heritage Tour

A quaint heritage seaside town, Udvada is the ‘throne’ of the Iranshah fire. The eclectic Iranian food, the peaceful sea, the illustrious temple whose holy fire has been burning for 13 centuries and the charming museum makes up the Zoroastrian Heritage Tour. This tour is all about reconnecting with oneself.

Soul of Valsad

A city of spirituality, Valsad is all-inclusive of all cultures and religions. Our spiritual tour will take you through calming temples and beaches for you to seek architectural beauty, connectedness, knowledge and inner peace. Mangalyam Meadows is pleased to have you on this journey as we rekindle the divinity within us.

Foodies Delight

A little spicy, a little salty with strong undertones of sweetness, Gujarati cuisine has a finesse that gives out a homely vibe even if you are eating from out. Our Foodies Delight Tour takes you to classic Gujarati restaurants for a sumptuous experience.

Valsad Jaunt

There is nothing like going to the local market and bringing back some home-grown delicacies. The Valsad Jaunt is a handpicked food tour that will remind you of the essence of Valsad.


At Mangalyam Meadows, we commit to offering luxury to our clients. Don't just take it from us; let our customers do all the talking.

Thanks to the tranquility & peace in this project, it refreshes and rejuvenates us on every family weekend trip.

- Bhavin & Bhavya Mehta

While others overpromised and underdelivered, DGIP underpromised and overdelivered us at Mangalyam Meadows.

- Anirudh & Shilpi Shah

My experience at Mangalyam Meadows has been fantastic.

- Tilak Mehta

My business takes me to various International places, and closest that this place can be compared to is probably Thailand or Spain.

- Andre & Geetika Timmins

Every issue that we have is solved over a WhatsApp message.

- Parth & Sana Choksi

Sometimes it feels like I am the owner of the entire property.

- Kamlesh Shah
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